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10 Things That Make You A Cat Lover

By :CH Fan 0 comments
10 Things That Make You A Cat Lover


It doesn’t matter which kind of animals you feel closest to but if you believe you are a cat lover or you want to understand what makes someone a cat lover, you’ve stepped into the right article. There are different ways a person would define their affection towards cats. No matter if it’s their soft fur, cute paws, mischievous tactics, there is always something about them that makes your heart sing. With that said, here’s a quick overview of what makes a person a cat lover.

1. You appreciate and love the language of cats.

As cat owners may know this by now, cats are capable of producing 100 different vocal sounds and have an extensive body language. Also, cats rely heavily on scent communication. Even if your cat hardly shows emotion or he/she only shows attitude, it’s hard to resist affection for them. It doesn’t mean cats do not love you back. Rather, they just have their own way of expressing their love to you, despite how odd it may be for us humans. Especially, those times when you are caught up with their unrelenting ‘meows’ throughout the day asking you for some food or to pet and play with them.

2. You are mesmerized by the delicate and elegant movements of a cat.

As a near-perfect prey hunter, stealth comes naturally to cats and their speed and dexterity make most of their movements seem effortless. Their long legs and flexible bodies make them agile, and more efficient for hunting with their paws. It’s almost as if their paw matches the footwork of a fighter. Nonetheless, at home, cats are slender and graceful too. Due to this elegant nature, it’s easy for us to fall prey to our feline friends. Check out for the latest 3D Fish Cat Toy.

 3. Living happily and healthily with a cat makes you happy.

Most people assume that cats are low maintenance and they are responsible for themselves most of the time. That is neither true nor accurate. Though you don’t need to walk your cat and can leave him/her alone for a long period of time, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need attention or care. Most cats like being alone but it’s still nice to have a company with you. That’s what makes a person a cat lover. By providing commitment, time, patience, love, and attention, you like living this simple life happily and healthily with a cat.

4. You enjoy having your own personal space too.

This brings us to personal space. If you enjoy having your own time with your own personal space, you and your cat share a similar trait. From millions of cat videos you’ve seen online, you know by now how a cat doesn’t expect to follow anyone or wait for the next command. On the contrary, cats like to be in their own world. They may appear distant to others, but a cat lover simply knows that he/she feels safe and content. More or less, the cat is also doing a favour in keeping watch for uninvited guests such as mice, spiders, or other animals that try to sneak inside your home. Check out for the latest Cat Condo.

5. Like you, cats have unique personalities too.

People may find cats puzzling, as the things they do often defy rational explanation. They knock things off the table, jump and lay on your keyboards as you work, squeeze into random items that are either too small or unimaginable to fit in, sit in your laundry piles, and so much more.

Anyone would characterize these behaviours as odd, but similarly hilarious, usually turn out to be cat lovers. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching on TikTok or in the flesh, these furry, cuddly creatures are adorable to watch and live with.

6. You understand a cat’s way of affection and love.

It’s sad that most people compare the love shown between a cat and a dog. But, in actual truth, a cat shows affection in their own ways differently than a dog. It doesn’t mean that a cat does not show love or care for their cat owner. There are different forms of love expression and cats show it with their playful antics, mischievous nature, and even if they show no emotion, rest assured, there's no other place they’ll rather be with than with you.

7. You will have cat products at your home.

If you have a cat at home, surely you will have cat accessories laying around the house too. These products can be extremely simple, to very advanced, but anything that moves can and will catch this natural predator’s attention. We’ve all seen those cat videos of them trying to chase a flashlight or those remote-controlled mouse toys that send them into a frenzy! Cats do well entertaining themselves, but when you add a little variation to their excitement, you’ll be sure to enjoy fooling around too!

But to make things a tad bit more exciting, you can get some cat items of your own too. Whether it be cat LED lamps, cat blankets, shirts, bracelets, and more, different kind of cat accessories can be found from here at the meowynation. It’ll be a great addition to your home and for yourself.

8. You can easily communicate with your cat.

Cats are often misjudged and misunderstood by most but, in reality, they can be cathartic for humans. Have you ever had a long day to come back home and still feel frustrated? Try talking to your cat! Their mysterious aura can sometimes be alleviating to us humans, especially when we talk to them and they respond in meows. Cats are great listeners even if we sound completely ridiculous to them.

9. Your home is a natural obstacle course.

It’s no secret that cats would be olympic-level gymnasts if they were human. From the ability to always land on their feet no matter the height, to jumping several feet into the air effortlessly, cats love to flex their predatorial muscles, and if your home naturally has several countertops or places that your cat will enjoy venturing too, simple chores such as going to the kitchen can keep your cat entertained for years.

10. You live in a place with scenic views.

It’s no secret that cats usually find themselves staring out the window, like their expecting someone. If you’re a person who also loves to “see the sights” outside, then surprise! You’re cat just maybe the furry companion you’ve always dreamed of. Whereas dogs will want to actually go outside to experience the great outdoors, cats are perfectly happy to just watch from a distance, which can be a therapeutic bonding experience if you and your feline friend can enjoy the vistas together.

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