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5 Ways to Calm A Super-Hyper Kitten

By :CH Fan 0 comments
5 Ways to Calm A Super-Hyper Kitten

Why are they so energetic? Sure they are really cute, but like babies, sometimes it causes headaches if they are way TOO Hyper. Try the follow 5 tips to calm a Hyper Kitten:

1. Give your Kitten own space

Let her relax in her own private haven, like a small room where she can unwind away from other pets, distractions, and people. It should also be a space in which she can play and let out her energy without having to worry about her destroying anything.

2. Play Smooth Music

Kittens may act hyper as a result of uncertainty or fear, caused by being in a new home, sharing this new home with strange new cats and people, or other stimulants in the environment etc. Consider playing some music at a low volume. Stick with easy listening, instrumental, or classical music, as these are likely to smoothen your kitten’s nerves just as music smoothen yours.

3. Give Lots of Attention

Make sure your hyper kitten feels loved by paying plenty of attention to her. In addition to playing with her every day, let her sit with you while you work on the computer or watch television, snuggle with her in bed, and pet her while she purrs contentedly in your arms. This is a great way to prevent negative behaviors that would arise as a result of feeling lonely, bored, and neglected.

4. Toys, Cat Trees, Scratching Posts

Just keep them busy. Be sure to give your kitten toys, scratching posts, a cat tree or two to climb up and perch herself on, and a window to look out of so that she can view the world outside. These activities will help her release energy in positive, non-destructive ways, which will make her happy.

5. Companion

Consider adopting another kitten around the same age, that your kitten can play with to release energy and learn as she grows. After being slowly introduced to each other, they’ll grow up to be great friends and they can keep one another company when you aren’t home. Plus, you’ll have two forever friends instead of on.e

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